To win big when playing fish tables online, there are many people looking to cheat. They apply those methods to the game in many different products. However, not everyone wins and collects large bonuses. Here is some information that players need to know if they want to get rich from fish tables online.

The question posed by the player is “How to cheat on the fish tables”, “fish table game secrets” or “ How to win at fish tables?” So, We introduces you to some skill and tips on how to win fish tables

Top 10 Ways To Cheat When Playing Fish Table Game Online

Observe the target and then shoot accurately

This way of playing is applied by many players, they will choose the exact fish they want to kill, then they equip the appropriate number of bullets and start the fight.

Players must be very calm, aim properly, avoid using weak bullets to hunt big fish or strong bullets to kill small fish. Thus, the player will lose a lot, not be compensated for the cost to bet.

Pay attention to the player’s firing rate

In addition to aiming for the correct direction of the shot, speed is an important factor leading to the victory or defeat of the player. For small fish, players must be fast and accurate to successfully destroy them, limiting the opportunity to hunt fish for others. For large fish, located far away, players should watch the right time to release the last bullet, completing the hunt when successfully killing them.

  • Increase bullets power

For special rounds, players should notice the fish appearing continuously at fast speed from either side of the screen. Players must use techniques and power proficiently to successfully destroy fish. Players should pay attention to the fish’s head, just 1 bullet on the fish’s head will successfully destroy them. The reward the player receives will be even greater if the ammo level is gradually increased to 100 near the end.

  • Let’s focus on the small fish

If you are a new player, you should hunt for small fish, it is not necessary to kill large fish. Players should train, accumulate skills by killing small fish, creatures suitable for their fighting ability.

  • Extra Time is the right time to receive rewards

Normally players should just focus on official time when playing the game. However, they will miss an important thing, which is extra time, because that is the moment when players can use all their own efforts, hunt fish and receive bonuses. When the fish appear, the player should attack from both sides, using maximum power to earn bonuses.

  • Let’s hunt the fish that have just appeared

Fish that have just appeared on the screen are usually easier to kill. So if the player discovers any target, the player does not hesitate to continuously fire bullets at them. From there, players will receive extremely attractive bonuses.

  • Turn off auto fire mode

Automatic mode is used to support players in necessary cases. However, if players want to participate to receive rewards, earn a lot of money, players should not use them. Players should focus on hunting fish based on the amount of bets and skills, don’t forget to choose the right prey for you.

Effective sniper tactics

Referring to the tips to win when participating in the fish table online, players cannot ignore the sniping method. Players need a lot of time, stable playing capital and applying the right time to win.

  • Shoot the fish that your opponent has shot first

Players do not need to follow a fish and shoot from start to finish to kill it, players just need to shoot at the right time. The best way players should not be in a hurry to kill fish, let the opponent take action first. Players just need to watch until the fish is weaker, shoot 1 hit and destroy them. The player who kills the fish with the last bullet, gets the reward.

Money Management

Finally, psychology and betting capital are two things that cannot be ignored. If the player is calm, learns how to use the bet capital effectively, the player will have a certain amount of residual after the game. From there, players can freely choose the most suitable bullet and target.


Along with the development of technology, the online fish table will become better and better, possessing more new features. Players who want to win must increase their strategy, bet on the right time and ammo level. Hope the above information will help players’ upcoming games!

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